Friday, May 14, 2010

blah blah blah

okay. in the past i've been reluctant to show work.
partly due to my lack of confidence.
i feel like i have a lot more to learn about making art.
and the other reason
is well,
this is the internet.
once something is published on the web
it's there forever. as data being passed along
from one hard drive to the next.
in effect the internet and everything on it
is a time capsule.
so think about it
the stuff you post onto facebook
for example
photos, status updates, videos
is being cached and transmitted,
shared and catalogued.
you're creating a brand out of yourself.
through a social networking site.
so with this in mind
i want to create a positive brand for myself.
so that i may have a successful career.
to start this branding process
i suppose i should start posting some work.
and i hope you don't think it's crap.
because it will forever be included
in this 21st century time capsule.

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